STEEL TECH offers different spaces to make contact with participants, foster commercial relations and exchange information directly, openly and in an informal setting through activities such as:


An interesting programme of pre-arranged meetings between exhibitors, sponsors, purchasers, international VIP guests. Within this programme, a REVERSE TRADE MISSION will be organised with a selection of high-interest national and international purchasers.

We are currently testing and working with different agents in countries like: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

The invited companies are the leading steel producers and transformers from the aforementioned countries, whereby the attendee profile is decision-makers within the company. Steeltech Networking participants will be able to meet project, investment, supplies or maintenance managers from leading international companies, providing access to new customers from all over the world.


A space that enables sponsors and exhibitors to make presentations regarding their new features and/or star products in a Speakers’ Corner format that is open to visitors, conference delegates and participants in general.


Designed to present the most significant breakthroughs in the technological, environmental and innovation fields in a convenient and visual way in order to make them accessible to participants as a whole.


On 21st October, we will take interested parties to diverse plants in the surrounding area, which will provide interesting guided visits. The technical visit requires prior registration, which will be open shortly.


After the Conference on 19th October, we will hold an after-work event, which will enable participants to interact in an open and relaxed atmosphere.


It will be held in an emblematic place outside BEC and will be attended by speakers, conference delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and visitors. It is a relaxed way to interact and have fun. There will also be prizes and recognition. Information will be provided shortly.

Feel free to contact us for guidance and information on the best options to suit your objectives and needs


Cristina Bilbao
Tel. +34 94 470 65 04 / +34 683 298 958

Event Manager

Mª Carmen Gorostiza
Tel. +34 94 404 00 78 / +34 639 758 292
[email protected]


Leire Arana
Tel. +34 94 404 01 24
[email protected]

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