Exhibition Area

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Steel Tech Exhibition Area

You are offered the opportunity to contact all of the event’s participants directly and personally (visitors, conference delegates, speakers, etc.). Your stand or informative module will be the meeting point with clients and the ideal space to do business with new companies and potential clients.

The exhibiting area will be located in the Luxua Hall , like the Conference and other activities.

Participation format is convenient and simple, with two customised-module options with personalised images and messages in accordance with your needs and corporate image:



Contact us and we will help you choose the option that best suits your objectives and needs


Cristina Bilbao
Tel. +34 94 470 65 04 / +34 683 298 958

Event manager

Mª Carmen Gorostiza
Tel. +34 94 404 00 78 / +34 639 758 292
[email protected]

Event Secretary

Leire Arana
Tel. +34 94 404 01 24
[email protected]

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